Why we’re being overpaid by the industry

Farming is in the news again as it is the subject of a fresh debate over the future of the industry.

Farming is one of the most lucrative occupations in the world and yet it is increasingly being paid less than it should be.

Farming companies have been accused of being overvalued, while the Government has set up an independent panel to monitor the sector. 

In response, a number of companies are seeking to make the industry fairer. 

The Farm Credit Industry Association (FCIA), for example, argues that the industry is overvalued and is being exploited.

It wants to change the way it pays its staff, as well as its benefits, by setting up an industry-wide wage structure, which would ensure farmers receive the same compensation as other workers. 

However, the Government is currently considering changes to the current system that would make it more likely that farmers would be able to get on with their work. 

 Currently, the FCAI claims that farmers pay just over 40% of their income towards benefits. 

“The average worker in agriculture makes just over £50,000 per year, while workers in other sectors have to make up to 50% of wages,” says the group’s chief executive, Peter Clarke.

“This is a very high percentage of pay that doesn’t reach the poorest farmers, especially those in rural areas.

It means that while the average farm pay is just over 60% of what it would be in the industrial sector, the industry’s wage bill is actually over 60%.”

The Government’s current proposals are in breach of the Farm Credit Act.

They would create an industry pay structure which would provide farmers with the same level of support as any other employee. 

So, what’s the problem?

“The answer is that the Government isn’t listening to farmers, who are struggling to survive financially in this challenging industry.”

In an interview with the BBC, Mr Clarke says that it is “time to change what we think is fair”.

He says that if the Government were to change its proposals, it would need to give the farming sector a greater say in setting the terms and conditions of its pay.

“If they were to set up the industry pay system, we would be very happy to be part of that,” he says.

“If we can make it fairer, we’d be very keen to be a part of it.”

It’s the industry that is actually hurting.

We need to make sure that we get our fair share.

“The FAIA argues that this is a key issue that is overlooked by the Government. 

Farming has become an industry with a large number of people in it. 

The vast majority of those are farming families. “

They are all working long hours, many of them are self-employed, and there are huge numbers of people that are part of the workforce.”

The vast majority of those are farming families.

It’s a very stressful time for them and a lot of them have been through difficult times.

We know that it’s a huge issue in the agricultural sector. “

The reality is that a lot more than 40% are earning more than that, but they’re not getting that support because they’re underpaid.”

We know that it’s a huge issue in the agricultural sector.

Farmers who don’t get a fair wage are going to suffer for the rest of their lives.” 

The Government is yet to make a decision on the FCPI’s proposals, and the organisation has also raised concerns about the fairness of the current farm pay system.

The Department for Agriculture said that it “is not looking at changes to its farm pay scheme”, but the FAIAA says that the Department should consider the concerns raised by its members.

In a statement to the BBC it said: “We are not currently considering any changes to our current pay scheme. 

This includes giving farmers the right to nominate their own financial advisers to provide advice to the Government.” “

We are also working closely with farmers’ associations and other stakeholders to make decisions that are fair for the farming community. 

This includes giving farmers the right to nominate their own financial advisers to provide advice to the Government.”

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