Allstate’s Commercials Roundup roundup

A new Allstate commercial from the company that has been hailed as the world’s first commercial to show the potential of 3D printing was a success in its own right.

The company’s commercial “Shared Vision,” which shows the potential for a shared 3D printer to be used to print a new home for a person or group of people, was viewed nearly 300 million times on YouTube.

The commercial, which was created by the company’s engineering and production unit, was shot at the Allstate Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., the site of the 2016 Allstate Commercials Awards, which recognized the most successful new commercial created by an Allstate-owned commercial.

The awards are a yearly tradition at the awards, where the top-performing commercial wins prizes in the category of best new commercial.

The first commercial created to highlight the potential and benefits of 3-D printing, “Sharing Vision” featured a woman and a group of young adults sharing their 3-dimensional designs for a home.

Allstate was awarded the first commercial prize at the award ceremony for the commercial, along with two other finalists.

Allstate Commercial Awards 2016: Allstate Awards 2017: Allstore Commercials Allstate Award winners 2017: Advantages of 3DM Printing Commercials and a look back at the Best of the Best from Allstate.

All state-owned companies can now print the 3-dimensionally printed home for their customers.

This could be the beginning of a new trend, according to Allstate Chief Technology Officer Kevin Hall, who explained to The Next Wires that the company will be using the technology to build a new 3-d printer.

The 3-dimensions can be printed from a single 3D-printing platform and a single laser, making it more scalable and economical than traditional printing.

The company has also partnered with several 3-mover companies to develop a 3-mm-scale printer that will allow for more precision than traditional machines.

“This technology is the future of homes and will revolutionize the way we do business in the future,” Hall said.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the new trend in the home design space.”

The Allstate video highlights how a home design can be 3-sided, with a room facing the kitchen and a living room facing a bedroom.

The concept also shows how a 3D printed house can be used as a home theater or an outdoor space.

The Allshare home is not the first home 3D printable, but Hall said this is the first one to use a 3d printer to build it.

“The fact that we were able to get this commercial built, I think, is a testament to the importance of this technology,” he said.

Hall said Allstate has a goal of using the 3D technology to make a new set of homes, which are then sold to homes of the public.

“That’s a very powerful tool for us to use and really bring our home design experience into the 21st century,” he explained.

“We’re really proud to be the first company to be able to do that with this technology.”

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