New Subway Commercial by New York Subway

Subway Commercial: A new commercial for New York’s Subway opens in NYC.

This commercial is part of a larger campaign that aims to create awareness about the dangers of car-to-car travel and how it affects the quality of life for many people.

New York City subway stations are packed to the brim with people, but many of them do not have the time to sit back and take in the sights.

The subway station is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and this commercial, directed by New Yorker artist, John Hynes, is a great example of how that can be.

“I wanted to make an emotional message,” Hynes said in a statement.

“A simple, simple message about how we need to be here for each other, and not let this city become a toxic place for people to go.”

New Yorkers, who are more likely to live in neighborhoods where cars are the main mode of transportation, may not be familiar with the dangers, but this commercial is a stark reminder that car-free travel is not a viable option.

In the commercial, a woman drives through a subway station, and the camera pulls back to reveal a man sitting in the front seat of a car with his hands up.

The man tells the woman, “You don’t understand, I am in this city because I can’t go home.”

Hynes, who has worked on commercials for Subway, McDonalds, and other brands, said he hopes that this commercial will be a way for the city to remember that people can make it home safely when there is nowhere else to go.

Watch the subway commercial:

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