What If a Rocket Mortgage Could Pay Off Your Rocket Mortgage?

A few months ago, I went to see a show called Rocket Mortgage on Bravo, which is a comedy channel.

It had a bunch of actors in big, colorful costumes singing a bunch.

One of the actors was playing a comedian called Nick Zena.

He was hilarious.

When he told the audience that he’d recently sold his rocket mortgage and had a couple thousand dollars to spend, the audience erupted.

A few minutes later, the guy from the show walked up and told me, “I’m here to talk about a commercial that’s going to pay you back.”

I looked at him in awe, and I was like, “How is this possible?”

It’s a commercial where a comedian is trying to buy a rocket home, and the guy he buys it from is actually a rocket scientist.

But the commercial is about the power of marketing, and it was the first time I’d seen it.

It was just this hilarious commercial.

It wasn’t even commercial-quality, but it was something that made me laugh.

The joke was, I’m buying a rocket mortgage, and my neighbor is a rocket engineer.

They’re doing a rocket test, and they’re trying to get a rocket to land on the moon.

I’m like, Wait, I can’t believe this commercial!

I bought a rocket, and then I had to go to my landlord and pay $15,000.

But it was so funny.

The commercial is so smart, and so clever, and also just fun to watch.

It’s got the rocket science behind it, and there’s a lot of really funny bits, and a lot is really funny.

That commercial was the beginning of a long process.

And when I saw that commercial, I realized that I could get paid back, and that was a really exciting moment.

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