How to watch Super Bowl commercials in 2018

Allstate is using its own branding in its Super Bowl commercial to promote its new line of health-conscious products.

Allstate and Lexus are the latest companies to get into the lucrative ad space for the big game.

In 2018, allstate is partnering with NBCUniversal, which will pay the ads in-house for a year, with Allstate paying up to 30% of what they receive for the ads, according to the company’s news release.

Lexus will be paying for commercials through its sponsorship of the game.

Allstates sales, profit and earnings are expected to be $6.5 million in 2018, up from $5 million the previous year.

“We’re proud to be a partner of the Super Bowl and are thrilled to be able to promote Lexus health and wellness products for the game,” said Allstate president and CEO Mike Johnson.

“Lexus is a trusted brand in our industry and our goal is to make Allstate a leader in wellness.”

Lexus announced in February that it would be advertising in the Super the next two Super Bowls.

The ads will be broadcast during the game in New England.

Lexuses new line includes products such as the Lexus Power Wheel, a hand-held wheel that can be used to control any wheel or power system, and the Lexuses Comfort Wheel, which is a wireless Bluetooth device that connects to a smartphone.

Lexis Power Wheel: $129, Lexus Comfort Wheel: Free.

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