How to win a McDonald’s commercial actress award

McDonald’s is being praised for its efforts to help actors get paid for roles in its commercial advertisements.

The company has spent more than $6 billion on its advertising and has been criticized for making its ads a little too political, with some running as though they were about a specific topic.

This year, the company is also helping its own ads with a contest that will give people the chance to win $50,000.

The winning entry will appear in McDonald’s ads throughout the month of March.

This is the second year the contest has been held and the company has seen its total spending grow each year, as well as the amount of time it takes to reach the winner.

But this year, it seems that McDonald’s has found a new way to help its ads reach the American people.

The contest will allow consumers to enter their own commercials and the winning entry gets to choose from the best of them.

If they win, the ad will air during the McDonald’s “Celebrity Commercials” campaign and will feature actors like Kevin Spacey, James Marsden, and Will Smith.

If McDonald’s wins, the commercials will also air during “McDonald’s Commercials Week,” which runs from March 20 through April 11.

It will feature commercials from the likes of Jay-Z, Drake, Justin Bieber, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

If the contest winner wins, they will get to choose the ads for the campaign.

The winner of the contest gets to see the commercials for free, so that they can decide if they want to take part in the campaign, or not.

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