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Burger King to open ‘chicken and bistro’ at Melbourne’s Bondi beach, with ‘pizza’ menu

Burger King has announced plans to open a ‘chick and bop’ restaurant at Bondi Beach.

The fast food chain has partnered with Melbourne’s renowned Bondi BBQ restaurant and its partner-in-crime, Burger King.

The location will be located at the entrance of the Surfers Paradise Beach.

Burger King says the new location will have a ‘pizzas menu’ and will offer ‘a burger made with ingredients from the restaurant’s ‘farm’.

Burger King’s Bondis latest venture will be the first to open in Melbourne since the closure of the popular restaurant in 2013.

The new restaurant will feature ‘puzzles’ such as ‘the biggest burger ever made’ and ‘a giant hamburger’.

‘We’re excited to open the first ever burger in Melbourne, and have teamed up with Burger King, to bring our menu to Bondi.

‘We look forward to working with Bondi to bring this unique concept to life, and we are thrilled to partner with Burger Kings on the inaugural Burger King Burger Bar,’ Burger King Australia managing director Simon McInnes said.

The burger bar will be housed in a space called ‘Bondi Grill’ which will have the look and feel of a restaurant.

‘Bongos’ and “bangers” are two of the city’s favourite burger toppings, with the latter often being sourced from Burger King outlets in Sydney and Melbourne.

The ‘chicks and bobs’ menu will be offered at the restaurant and it will include ‘bangers and bongos’, ‘pork and bangers’, ‘chili’, ‘bunch of chips’ and a ‘crispy burger’.

Burger Kings latest partnership with Melbourne burger restaurant The new location is located at Bondis Surfers Park.

‘Our Bondi Grill location is the first of its kind in Australia, and will give customers an intimate look at the Burger King burgers and their specialties,’ Burger Kings Australia said in a statement.

Burger Kings has previously teamed up on other Bondi ventures including ‘The World Burger’ and the ‘Babu’s Paradise Burger’.

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