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AT&T commercial actress dies at 79

AT&t’s commercial actress and star of the classic 1960s TV series, the “At&t Commercial” is no longer in a coma, her husband, Richard Tarrant, told ESPN on Tuesday.

Richard Tarrants, a retired AT&ts executive, said in a statement that his wife, Amy Tarrantes, had died on Monday in a New York hospital.

“She was just 79,” he said.

“She had a very special love of television and of the world, and she had many many wonderful memories of her wonderful husband, Mike Tarrance.”

Tarrants said Amy Targans passed away Monday night.

“Amy was an amazing woman who loved her family, friends and the country and had a wonderful sense of humor,” Tarrings said.

She was a very good listener, a very loving husband and a great family man, he added.

Amy Targants, who played a young woman named Sue, had starred on the 1960s ABC sitcom “At &t Commercial.”

She died on Sept. 25 at the age of 79, her family said in the statement.

Tarrant said Amy was “one of the greatest commercial actors in television history.”

Amy Tarrances’ career spanned more than two decades.

She appeared in more than 150 episodes of “At (&t Commercial,” “The Big Picture,” “Mork and Mindy,” “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Gossip Girl.”

Her most recent series, “At’ &t,” ended in 2000.

In addition to Amy, Tarrancies husband also played a major role on the television show.

Mike Tarrans is best known for his role on “The Flintstones” as “Maggie Marge” and in movies such as “The Fast and the Furious” and the “Fast & Furious” movies.

He also appeared in TV series such as the “The Office,” “CSI” and others.

Amy Tarsons career was also notable for her acting on several shows, including the TV series “At The Movies” and its movie remake, “The Movie,” which aired in 2016.

The couple was married for 51 years and were married for 10 years, and the couple had five children.

Their son, Austin, played in the ABC sitcom, “A&T Commercials.”

“Amy’s family has been tremendously supportive and appreciative of her work, and we have shared her life with her family throughout her illness,” Tarlants said.

Amy’s career as an actress and actress in movies has been legendary, but her TV work was much more unique.

Her TV roles included: “The Beverly Hills 90110” in 2004, “Gumshoe” in 2007, “Cheerios” in 2010 and “Sons of Anarchy” in 2013.

On the TV show, Amy was portrayed by actress Lisa Kudrow.

Amy and Mike had two daughters, Brittany and Alex.

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