How Kroger Commercial Girl Got her Own Commercial

A commercial actress who made a name for herself as a commercial actress on TV and in movies and other media has had her own television commercial debut.

The commercial debuted Wednesday in Kroger’s commercial department in Detroit.

The commercial was produced by the Kroger Communications Agency, which also produced a number of other commercial spots, including a Kroger commercial featuring former President Barack Obama in 2011.

In the commercial, which is also available online, the actress is seen playing a fictionalized version of herself.

She is wearing a pink wig, a wig that is not as long as her normal one.

The wig also covers her mouth and nose, and the wig is styled to look like a wig with short curls.

She wears a pink dress with a lace trim, a pink belt with a gold buckle, a white shirt, and a black and gold necklace.

She also has a pink scarf on her head.

The scarf is styled with a large black diamond.

The actress is dressed in a black suit, a gray dress shirt with a tie, and white shoes.

Kroger said the commercial “has a lot of fun” with its images of the actress playing the fictionalized role, which has not been shown on the Krogans commercials.

It also has the actress posing in front of a Krogants billboard that says, “Krogans’ slogan is ‘Love, Life, Groovy.”

“We love the commercial.

It’s very funny and it’s very touching,” Kroger Marketing Manager Jeff Daugherty said in an interview with Detroit News.

The advertisement, which will run in Krogant stores beginning Wednesday, will also feature a Krogar ad, and is expected to draw thousands of views.

The Krogaree and the Krogar advertising agencies are also producing a commercial featuring actress Kristen Bell.

The actress is an accomplished actress, including appearances on TV shows like “Modern Family,” “Modern Love,” and “Mad Men,” according to her publicist, Jennifer Hausler.

She also is known for her role as the character Ms. Rogers in the animated TV series “Friends.”

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