Hulu’s ‘MyCleanPC’ free trial is making a splash

HULU, Ohio — Hulu is offering a new commercial free trial of its MyCleanPC service, and it’s making headlines for a few reasons.

“Hulu has the world’s most-popular video platform,” the company announced today.

“It offers you the power of Hulu to deliver the best TV experience.”

HULU CEO Chris Anderson says the MyClean PC offers the most comprehensive and flexible selection of streaming TV shows and movies, the most-personalized interface and a new way to get in-depth content analysis.

The MyClean desktop is also a “new way to watch TV” for those who don’t like a particular channel or program, the company says.

But some of the biggest buzz points about the MyPurePC are:1.

It is the only streaming TV service that includes premium channels, including Hulu.

Hudson Broadcasting’s $99 streaming TV box and Roku’s $50 streaming TV boxes offer the same features, but they have the advantage of not requiring an additional subscription.


It will have exclusive content from Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, HBO Go, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play and Apple TV. 3.

It can be used as a standalone desktop computer, as well as a tablet or smart TV.

Hulu’s offering is the first of its kind, and Anderson says it will be expanded to include additional channels.

But for now, Hulu says the best way to see the service is to get a free trial.

You can sign up for a free MyCleanpc trial at PC.HUL, the nation’s largest cable and satellite TV company, is also rolling out a free video-on-demand service that will be available on the MyHulu mobile app in the coming weeks.

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