Commercial toilets, commercial door hardware sold online for $8.99 each, new figures reveal

Commercial toilets and commercial door equipment are sold for $9.99 on, according to new figures released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The figure includes the $6.99 one-off discount on commercial toilet paper.

It is an improvement on the $5.99 that came with the commercial door installation, and the $899 standard door, as well as the $13.99 doorbell.

The figure also includes the one-time price cut on commercial door door hardware, from $7.99 to $6, which is on par with the standard door.

The commercial door has a longer life, the latest ACCC figures show, with the average lifespan of commercial doors up to eight years.

Commercial door hardware is sold for about $11.99 in Australia and the United Kingdom.

The figures come on the heels of news last week that the Australian Government was considering introducing mandatory online advertising limits, to ensure that there was no “sweet spot” for commercial door manufacturers.

Commercial doors are the largest component of commercial construction.

They can cost as little as $10 to $12 a square metre, and they are the most expensive part of the commercial construction process.

Commercial toilet paper is sold in two forms, toilet paper and toilet paper towels, which are sold separately.

The Australian Government currently requires all commercial toilet products sold in the retail market to have a $10.00 per litre price tag.

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