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RTE’s commercial fryers are ready to go commercial

Commercial fryers can be used to prepare food for home use, with some restaurants including a commercial kitchen using them.

But what does it mean for the public?

As commercial fry-pots are still being built commercially, the government is making sure they are safe and secure.

The government has set up an online register to let people know what to expect, and has published guidelines on how to use them.

It says they should only be used for boiling or cooking food, and it recommends that they are installed in a safe way to ensure the food doesn’t get into the food supply.

The Food Standards Agency has also published guidance on what to do if someone gets sick or gets in trouble with their food.

“It’s really important to remember that commercial frying does not involve any harmful chemicals,” it said.

“As with any other food product, commercial fry equipment is not suitable for food use.”

Commercial fryers have been used in other countries, including France and Germany, and they are now widely available in the UK.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said commercial fry and commercial kitchen appliances were being manufactured and sold worldwide.

But there are still safety concerns and they should be used only in the safe and responsible way, it added.

“The safest way to use commercial fry machines is to cook food with the safety equipment installed,” the agency said.

“In other cases, commercial cooktops may be suitable for commercial use but do not offer the same level of safety.”RTE’s food safety correspondent Stephen Nolan said the industry needed to work with the Government to ensure commercial fry can continue to be made safe and efficient.

“People are very sceptical about commercial fry, and there are concerns about the safety of the equipment, and the risks of food getting into the hands of people who aren’t trained to use it,” he said.RTE has asked the Food Standards agency for more information.

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