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Truck trade: Why is the truck trade down?

The truck trade is down, with the world’s biggest buyer, China, and its biggest seller, the United States, trading at near zero.

China’s demand for American trucks has surged, and the United State has become the world market leader.

But a decline in truck demand has raised questions about how the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) can support the food supplies for people in areas affected by the drought, especially as China has been importing wheat from countries such as India.WFP spokesman Matthew Miller said last week that the U.S. has been the main source of food for the Uighurs in China.

But, he said, the World Food Programme has not been able to supply wheat to those countries.

“What we’ve seen from China is that they’ve started to import more grains and more wheat to feed their people and feed their livestock, but it’s not been sufficient,” Miller said.

He said the WFP has not received any reports from China about the wheat supply to China, but said the United Nation would look at how WFP is using its food aid.

Uighur and Kazakh authorities have expressed concern about food shortages in Xinjiang, which borders China, which has not released statistics for the drought.

The Uighur Uighure are ethnic Uighuras living in Kazakhstan.

They are one of the largest groups of Uighura in China, who have long complained of being discriminated against in the Communist Party-led state, and are members of the Uyghur Uyur Muslim faith.

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